Spring Cleaning Tips on WPTV-5

A new season is here, so now is the time to tackle your spring cleaning one space at a time. Start in an area of your home that will make a major impact on your day-to-day life – your kitchen pantry.

Video: Spring Clean Your Pantry

Step One: Pull everything out of the pantry.

Every member of the family uses the pantry, which means it tends to get disorganized very quickly.

Step Two: Declutter unused items and discard expired food.

You’ll likely come across duplicate items in your pantry. One major advantage to an organized pantry is saving money by not purchasing duplicate items.

Pro Tip: As new items are stocked, write expiration dates on food and spices with a Sharpie to make dates easy to spot.

Step Three: Clean and wipe down pantry surfaces.

Don’t forget the “clean” in spring cleaning.

Step Four: Sort like with like and group items together.

Some examples of categories include grains, salty snacks, savory snacks, sauces, and condiments.

Consider family favorites and what you use most often to set-up zones in your pantry. For example, you might set up a snack area stocked lower in the pantry with healthy snacks for the kids.

An organized pantry makes meal planning and cooking easier. Group all ingredients for meals each day of the week in a labeled bin to simplify meal preparation.

Step Five: Containerize and label items to keep things organized and easy for your family to maintain.

Go vertical inside cabinets to maximize space. Stacking bins, rising shelves and a double decker lazy susan are great for canned goods, condiments, and spices.

Use portable bins for go-to spices, oils and vinegars. You can easily grab them from a cabinet shelf when cooking, and slip them back in when you’re done.

Remove items from packaging and put into airtight containers to save space. You’ll also be able to easily see your supply.

One final Pro Tip! The Container Store annual kitchen sale is on now. So if you like any of the products you see here, head online or to the store for 25 percent off. Happy Spring!