Get Organized Now for Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season starts on Saturday, June 1. Many of us wait until the storm is coming to get prepared. But there are things we can do NOW to get organized before a hurricane watch is issued.

Be sure to download and print out Hurricane Preparedness Checklist and Go Bag Checklist.

Tip One: Get organized.

Every year, we are reminded to stock up on water and non-perishable foods when a hurricane is heading our way. Obviously, these are important necessities for survival. But, one thing that we often forget is the importance of organizing your personal documents.

  • Keepsakes might not have a monetary value but they can be irreplaceable. Organize these items in a waterproof container like this one from The Container Store.
  • A family filing system comes in handy when dealing with the aftermath of a disaster. This includes tax returns, insurance policies and vital documents.
  • Store keepsakes and your family filing system on a high shelf in a protected closet.
  • In the event of evacuation, you’ll want to grab critical documents like passports, birth certificates and social security cards and store them in a zipped waterproof envelope.

If your property is destroyed, you’ll need proof of what you own so it can be replaced. The best thing to do is to create an inventory of items in your home.

Tip Two: Create a home inventory.

  • The first step is to photograph items in your home.
  • The second step is to make a written inventory listing each item with a brief description and estimated value.

Tip Three: Don’t wait for a storm to stock up on supplies.

We all know the run on supplies like water and batteries when a hurricane is coming. Get organized now to avoid the panic.

  • Look for sales now to stock up on enough water and food for 72 hours.
  • Some overlooked items include extra sets of keys, paper maps, bug spray, sanitary supplies and some of the items you see here.  Don’t forget the manual can opener!
  • Declutter a less used yet easily accessible closet in your home. Organize your supplies in clear, stackable bins and be sure to label as Emergency Supplies.
  • You’ll also want to put together a Go Bag for each family member in case of evacuation.