Back to School Sanity Savers

Most kids in Palm Beach County head back to school on Monday causing quite a bit of envy for all you New Yorkers who get to extend summer through Labor Day. “Not fair!” echoes all around!

There are three main areas of your home to organize so you can survive the mayhem the new school year brings.

In Your Kitchen: Set-up a lunch prep station.

In almost every family kitchen we organize, we set-up a lunch preparation station. Calling the area a “station” makes it official and helps new routines stick.

Gather all the supplies you need for daily lunch preparation. That includes: Ziploc bags, lunch containers, lunch boxes, napkins, and silverware. Add Post-It notes and a marker for writing little messages for the kids.

Set up kids’ snacks near the lunch prep area to make it easy to finish packing lunches.

Pro Tip: Always remove the individually packaged snacks from boxes to save space. That way you can always see your inventory and know when to restock.

In Your Entryway: Set-up a drop zone.

Your entryway quickly becomes a dumping ground if it’s not organized.

Set-up a bin for each child with after school sports equipment, foot ware and extra changes of sports clothes.

Add hooks at eye level for the kids. Keep the hooks clear so they can easily hang up backpacks at the end of each day.

Gather all those daily “in and out” supplies and organize by category. This includes small tote bags, tissues and hand sanitizer, sunscreen and bug spray, ball caps and visors, and sunglasses.

Don’t forget a hook or small dish for Mom’s keys!

For older kids, set up a charging station. Go vertical and “file” devices to keep counters clear and cords organized.

In Your Kid’s Room: Set-up a homework station.

Everyone loves new back-to-school supplies, so use that as incentive to get the kids organized with a homework station.

In the future, take advantage of the tax-free period (generally the first weekend in August) for back-to-school sales to buy a few new supplies for the home.

Put a small desk in children’s rooms with all the supplies they need to complete schoolwork. If you’re limited on space, get creative. A portable cart is a fun way to organize homework supplies.

As completed homework and projects are returned, have the kids slip them into storage boxes. You can then go through and decide what to toss or keep at the end of each semester.

Wishing all your families out there a smooth start to the new school year!