Let US be here for YOU

Hey friends, we’re all trying to find the best way forward.

First, my thoughts are with this community as you get your homes organized in new way. Maybe you’re setting up a home office. Maybe you have kids you’re now home schooling. Or maybe now feels like the time to conquer some projects around the house.

My thoughts are with my fellow small business owners. We are getting hit – BAD. It hurts and it’s scary. I’ve been making a list (shocker!) of all the ways we can support each other. My goal is to do one thing a day that benefits another small business.

Finally, I’ve taken the last couple days to come to terms with what’s happening. I broke out my stickers, markers and craft paper (major nerd) and wrote down how I want to use this time both personally and professionally. I find in times of chaos that it helps to write it down to stay focused. Maybe that works for you, too?

All that said, let US be here for you! Over the coming weeks, I’m hoping to share content that you find useful. So please check the blog or follow Urban Simplicity on Instagram and Facebook for ideas to get you inspired to do a little organizing while you’re spending more time at home.

Sending all the love to ya’ll!

xo Korinne