Seven Tried-and-True Products for Your Linen Closet

Now that you have a plan to get your linen closet in order for spring, how do you figure out the best products to keep it organized?

That’s easy. Just keep reading…

Open Top Bins – Breathable, open top bins are the best solution for storing small hand towels, washcloths and sheet sets.

Shelf Dividers – Shelf dividers can be used to separate linens by type on a shelf. Label the shelf so you can quickly identify sets.

Labels – It’s likely more than one person is putting things back into the space making labels critical. Label bins directly or label the front of shelves for linens not in bins.

Linen Storage Bags – Consider storing guest linen sets and pillows, which are rarely used, in linen storage bags. Store bulky blankets and duvets in bags as well.

Hanging Storage Bags – The best way to keep table and holiday linens dust and wrinkle-free is to store them in hanging bags. Separate and label the linens by season or holiday so you can quickly identify what you have.

Fabric Spray – Use a nontoxic spray to keep linens fresh. Spray linens before putting them away or spray periodically in closet.

Linen Wash – Using a natural, delicate wash for all your linens will extend their life and keep them fresh.

Tell US! What is your favorite solution for keeping your linen closet organized?