20 Ways to Support Small Businesses

Back in March when all this broke out, I’m not sure any of us understood the impact this pandemic would have on the economy and especially small businesses. Unfortunately, a month later the outlook still isn’t clear.

When there wasn’t anything else I could do, I started making a list of ways I could support local businesses, which I’m happy to share with you. It’s been a goal of mine to do one thing to support a fellow small business every single day.

©Erica Dunhill

Eat and Drink Local

1. Get a produce delivery from a local farm.

2. Buy your meat and seafood from a local butcher shop or fishmonger.

3. Get wine and liquor delivered from your local shop.

4. Takeout Tuesday! And Thursday and Friday…

5. Pick-up coffee from your local coffee shop or deli.

6. Shop at small grocery markets. Bonus: They are less crowded.

Shop Small

7. Start birthday and Christmas shopping early, and buy online from small shops and designers.

8. Call ahead and pick-up books from your local bookstore.

9. Buy gift cards that you can gift later this year. Don’t forget gifts for teachers, home service providers, baby sitters and others.

10. Send flowers to a friend from a local florist.

11. Think of a local business offering a comparable product before you place that Amazon order.

Support Entrepreneurs

12. Hire a photographer for a photo shoot outside your home.

13. Donate online to a local charity.

14. Work with an interior designer or organizer via e-design or virtual organizing.

15. Hire your handyman or landscaper to make outside upgrades around your home.

16. Take an exercise class online.

17. Have your personal trainer come to your home for a workout on your lawn.

18. Don’t cancel your travel reservations – rebook.

19. Help promote businesses you love by sharing posts online or writing a supportive online review.

20. Continue to pay for weekly services like home cleaning or dog walkers even if they are unable to work in your home.

Tell US! How are you supporting businesses in your community? We’d love to hear from you!