Making it Simple to WFH

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or executive, our new normal of working from home is an adjustment to say the least.

My old home office shot by Canary Gray.

First things first, in times like this when schedules and systems are out of whack, ask yourself what works in your current office space. How could you replicate a simplified version of that at home?

Once you’ve considered that, focus on these five small details to set-up a simple and stress-free space in your home.

Tip One:  Clear the decks. This is the first step in setting up any workspace. Go through everything on your desk and place items into categories. Group files by client, project or type of work. Throw away trash and declutter any items you truly don’t need at hand. Categorize personal items and desk supplies so you can determine the best way to organize what you need to do your work.

Tip Two:  Gather essential supplies. It’s not the time to get distracted with ordering everything you might possibly need from Amazon. You’d be surprised how much you can get done with just your laptop, a pen and paper. That said, gather basic essentials like Post-It notes, pens, file folders, a notebook and printer paper so you have what you need over time. Use an extra bin or basket that you have on hand to keep items organized. Finally, if you don’t have a trashcan easily accessible, get one!

Tip Three:  Create a personal and stress-free space. These days we could all use more Zen at our desks. For personal items that make you feel good, like hand lotion and lip gloss, organize a small drawer with drawer organizers or use a decorative tray on your desk to keep those times in one place. Set-up a diffuser with relaxing scents like lavender. Other small touches like flowers, a favorite book and personal photos can also create a feeling of ease.

Tip Four: Corral your action items. A simple inbox for items you need to act on will ensure you never loose track of important paperwork. To ensure your inbox doesn’t become a black hole, spend a few minutes in the morning reviewing the contents. Trash any papers that are no longer relevant, and take action on timely ones.

Tip Five: Maintain daily. The biggest challenge with working from home is work-life balance. One way to set boundaries is to put work away at the end of the day. Schedule five minutes to put away any items you’ve pulled out, throw away trash, and generally tidy up. There is nothing better than coming into a clean, organized desk in the morning. If you’re working from a temporary office like a dining table, a large tray can corral all your supplies and paperwork.

What’s the biggest challenge in your new work from home routine? Tell US!