Organize Your Home to Stay Healthy

We’re living in unprecedented times. None of us has ever spent this much time confined to our homes. It’s not surprising there is a renewed interest in getting organized.

Hey, I’m no doctor, but there is proof that organizing relieves stress, which in turn boosts your immune system.

I’m sharing three areas in your home where you can make simple improvements to keep you healthy.


As much as we’re craving comfort food these days, good nutrition is key to a strong immune system.

Organize your refrigerator and pantry to make it easy for you and your family to grab nutritious foods. Use bins to organize sugary and salty snacks by type, but store them higher up. The less visible a food temptation is, the less likely you are to give in. Organize snacks like nuts in jars that will keep them fresh and easily accessible. Use a decorative bowl on your countertop to store fresh fruit and veggies.

The added benefit to an organized kitchen is that you will always know what you have which will help you prioritize shopping lists and trips to the grocery store. The fewer trips the better!


The bathroom is germ central, so keeping it clean and organized will prevent contamination, especially in the unfortunate case that someone in your home becomes ill.

The less clutter, the easier it is to clean a bathroom, so start there. Toss any unused items and empty bottles. Pay close attention to expiration dates on cosmetics and toss anything that’s past the period after opening (PAO) date.

Now, I don’t pretend to be an expert on cleaning, but wipe down all bathroom surfaces daily. My go-to house cleaning company in New York City, MB Green Cleaning shared this recently:

Another thing to consider is it to let the disinfectant do its work. It is very important to wait and let the disinfect sit for a few minutes (ideally 3 to 5 minutes) in order to actually kill the germs. If you spray and wipe right away you are taking the disinfectant away before it can do its job.


Your bedroom should be a clutter-free sanctuary. Again, not a doctor here, but sleep is necessary for immune system health.

Organize your nightstand first. Keep it clutter-free and minimally decorated. Stash only relaxing items like your reading lamp, flowers, an alarm clock, and book. When it comes to the nightstand, less is definitely more.

For the rest of the space, only keep items in your bedroom that support the function of the space – rest and relaxation – and keep décor minimal and relaxing. Select window treatments to ensure darkness for ideal sleeping conditions.

Please stay safe and stay healthy. Hang in there and let US be here for your during these challenging times!