Five Tips to Organize Your Home Bar

We’re all enjoying just a few more drinks at home these days. Maybe you’re becoming a skilled mixologist or maybe you’re getting really good at pouring wine into a glass. Either way, organizing a bar in your home is essential. Look at it this way, you’ll never run out of tequila if you can keep any eye on your inventory. Priorities, people!

First things first, even if you don’t have a cute bar cart  from Serena and Lily or Society Social, you can repurpose furniture like a television credenza, console table, or dresser to make the perfect bar. We’re all for furniture that does double duty versus gathering clutter.

Here are five tips to get you started.

Tip One: Gather then edit all of your bar and entertaining things. Chances are you have cocktail napkins here and a bottle of gin there. Do a full sweep of your home and pull everything together. Once you have things grouped, toss any expired mixers and “donate” booze you’ll never drink to a friend. Evaluate your accessories, everything from stirrers to shakers, and edit anything that you don’t love. It’s all about quality over quantity when organizing a small space like a home bar.

Tip Two: Create your zones. Much like a pantry, a bar is best organized into zones. Group liquor bottles and mixers together by type. Set aside an area for any specialty glassware like scotch and shot glasses. Put drink mixing supplies like shakers, stirrers and measuring cups together. Finally, drink accessories like straws, cocktail napkins and coasters go together for serving up the drinks in style.

Tip Three: Contain your things. A big advantage to organizing your home bar in an old dresser or credenza is that you can use the drawers (with drawer organizers, of course) to contain the smaller accessories. Trays are perfect on the bar top for grouping alcohol and mixers. Larger baskets keep backstock and less pretty things like ice buckets, wine decanters and shakers contained so the bar doesn’t get too visually cluttered.

Tip Four: Time to style. Now for the fun part! How you style your bar is almost as important as how you organize it. If you have space, create a gallery wall above the bar. Photographs and art can transport you to your favorite place to enjoy a beverage. Display unique liquor bottles or memorabilia you’ve picked up while traveling. Add meaningful accessories and special glassware to give the space a personal touch.

Tip Five: Mix a drink. Whew, you made it through steps one through four! Now it’s time to relax and enjoy your newly organized home bar.


Photo credit to Canary Grey for Urban Simplicity. Interior design by Jennaea Denhardt Interiors.