My Master Bathroom Makeover

This project hits close to home. Because it’s MY HOME!

The last few months have been tough with the quarantine and suspending work in our clients’ homes. On the bright side, I had time to get my own home in order.

We moved into our home almost a year ago and earlier this year finally completed the master bathroom renovation. Luckily, we didn’t have to gut the bathroom. Instead it was a cosmetic project with new fixtures, paint and window treatments.

The biggest update was the two new custom vanities. As an organizer, I’ve seen hundreds of bathrooms, and the storage space is often lacking. We did our best to maximize the storage.

We also added new medicine cabinets from Restoration Hardware. I love a medicine cabinet for everyday, essential items especially skincare. The bottles tend to be small and fit perfectly. I organized day and night skincare into two separate bins. Organizer trick: the bins are actually drawer organizers.

Deep drawers in a vanity can be tricky. This is where organizing into categories and creating zones is key. Deep drawer organizers keep the categories separated.

Use this list of common bathroom categories to get you started.

Body  /  Bath  /  Shower  /  Hair  /  Eye Care  /  Dental  /  Nails  /  Spa  /  Medications  /  First Aid  /  Outdoor  /  Travel  /  Hygiene  /  Make-up  /  Skincare  /  Linens

Thanks to our friends at iDesign for the wonderful product used to organize the space. And shout out to Jennaea Denhardt Interiors for designing my happy place.