Tips to Get Organized for Back to School + Virtual School

I had such a fun time chatting on Facebook Live with Ashleigh Walters, the morning anchor from WPTV-5, about ways to organize your home and routines to survive the back to school uncertainty.

Whether your children’s back to school start date is delayed, canceled or moving forward as planned, the reality is that we all need to be prepared for whatever the 2020 school year decides to throw us.

Photo via Shira Bess Interiors

Get clear on the schedule that’s best for your family.

Tip One: Plan A and Plan B: Don’t wait until school is canceled to figure out the best working schedule for your family. Come up with a Plan A and Plan B now. The reality is that many parents have to balance working from home with their kids’ schooling needs. Think about how you can balance that with you and your spouse’s schedules.

Tip Two: Be flexible. Distance learning / home school does not mean an eight-hour school day. It’s all about being flexible. Don’t forget to schedule daily time for exercise, meals, chores, free play, screen time, social time (via screens), and class time.

Tip Three: Think creatively. Now that more places like zoos and parks are open, consider safe, educational “field trips” for your family. Consider a themed day a week geared to your child’s interests, like Minecraft Day, Craft Day or Puzzle Day. Nothing fancy here. Keep it simple!

Tip Four: Use family calendars. Monthly wall calendars are one way to keep the entire family on the same page. The Poppin wall pocket system from The Container Store is sleek and looks great in a kitchen or in an office. You can also keep supplies at hand on the ledges and pockets. Dry erase calendars make it easy to be flexible as things change, which we know they inevitably will!

Photo via Shira Bess Interiors

Set-up a workstation for your children.

Tip One: Gather up the supplies. Everyone loves new back-to-school supplies, so use that as incentive to get the kids organized with a homework station.

Tip Two: Control the paperwork. To control the paper clutter, have the kids slip completed art and assignments into storage boxes. You can then go through periodically and decide what to toss.

Tip Three: Set-up a system. From designer set-up to the ultimate budget option, there is a range of organizing options.

Full Makeover Work Station

Convert the playroom or children’s rooms (any open wall or even a closet) with a desk set-up, storage and supplies they need to complete schoolwork. Incorporate elements like art, storage solutions like file cabinets and desk supplies that work with your home’s aesthetic.

DIY Makeover Work Station

If you’re limited on space, you can still create a functional system. A portable cart is a fun way to organize homework supplies. The Multi-Purpose bins from The Container Store (on sale for $3-6) are the most affordable way to organize schoolwork. They are perfect for notebooks, paperwork and even school and art supplies.