Back to School + Book Organizing

Fall is the perfect time to tackle book organization. Out with the old and in with the new!

When it comes to keeping the kids books organized, it’s back to basics – categorize then contain.

First things first, children’s books fall into set categories. That makes it easy to separate and organize books for kids by age. Below are categories of young children’s books. It’s best to keep the categories broad, no need to be granular here.

Infant Soft Books / Small and Large Board Books / Story Books / Beginning Chapter Books

Once you have books grouped, you can figure out the best way to keep them organized. That’s going to depend upon your available space and your children’s ages.

Option 1: Open Shelving – This is a common solution, but there is one trick that’s often overlooked. Use sturdy bins to separate books by type. Don’t forget: When the bin is full, it’s time to edit.

Design and photo credit to Sissy + Marley Interior Design.

Option 2: Bookcase – Adding a bookcase to a child’s room is a good option as it uses vertical wall space. I prefer using a bookcase with cubbies so you can mix in bins to keep books contained.

Option 4: Easily Accessible – If you already have an existing piece of furniture in the room, consider how you could declutter lower shelves to make space for books. You can also add a fun storage option like a caddy or acrylic book cart that works with the room’s décor. Crate & Kids has some of my favorite options.

Organizing by Urban Simplicity. Design credit to Sissy + Marley Interior Design.

Option 3: Behind the Door – Often overlooked but clutch in a small space, the back of closet doors should always be maximized. The elfa door rack with baskets is my go-to in any space.

Option 5: Go Vertical – Last but not least, floating shelves and book ledges are another vertical option that are the perfect mix of form and function.

Design and photo credit to Sissy + Marley Interior Design.

Over time, I’ve found a combination of a few of the above keep books accessible and kids happy. Happy fall!