2020’s Hottest Accessory: A COVID Kit

Haven’t we all learned more about ourselves in the last year?

One thing is clear over here… I’m managing my COVID era heightened anxiety in three ways:

1) Preparing 2) Creating and 3) Laughing

I started making these COVID kits for myself as a solution to a problem. Inevitably, I would hop in the car only to realize my mask was still inside. That’s the type of little inconvenience that drives me crazy.

I put a COVID kit in my car, purse and workout bag. Now everything I need is at hand:

Mini Hand Sanitizer / Paper Masks / Cloth Masks / Gloves / Clorox Wipes

If you have children, you could make a category for their masks as well.

For now, I’m using Ziploc’s Charm Collection Skinny Stuff Accessory Bags with throwback Dymo labels for each category. The bags are sturdier and easier to open and close than regular Ziploc bags. For the main pouch, I found the simple black one shown here at Staples, but any pouch approximately 9 inches by 6 inches works best.

Have you figured out the best way to organize your stash of sanitizing supplies? Tell US, we’d love to hear your creative ideas!