Are you DIY or DFY?

So, tell US: Are you Team DIY or Team DFY? DFY = Done For You. I’m trying to make it a thing. 🙂

I’m like a proud mom when my clients embrace the whole DIY movement. One in particular went above and beyond. At the height of COVID, I was definitely glued to my couch offering guidance while she was organizing her whole home. Bravo!

DIY Bathroom

It’s certainly not for everyone. Most of the folks we work with are firmly in Camp DFY. However, it’s truly a wonderful way to get a small, manageable project done (i.e. linen closet, not the whole garage), especially during the time of COVID.

DIY Laundry

COVID gave us many things. For me, it was mainly more wrinkles and gray hair, but it also gave us time to dig into new things. Here at Urban Simplicity, that was the world of virtual organizing. So, thank you COVID! We have now perfected the process.

DIY Under Sink 

Learn more about our full virtual service, DIY Simplicity, and please do reach out if you have any interest. It might just be for you!