Wall Street Workspace Makeover

How’s everyone feeling about month six hundred of this work from home reality show? While no one misses the hellish commute, Zoom calls in pajamas get kind of old at some point. Am I right?

Here in Florida, offices are slowly reopening with staggered schedules and safe practices in place. I say, that’s the best time for a workspace refresh.

Before the pandemic, we took this finance executive’s space and gave it an upgrade. What a space to work with! The office is an old bank building so the bank vault gives it such character. However, the office was lacking organization and personalization.

In addition to the organization systems we put in place for files and everyday paperwork, we upgraded office storage, supplies and art that conveyed this executive’s personal style and interests.

This executive held many meetings in his office, so we set-up a help yourself snack area with candy and nuts. I’m guessing there is a gallon of hand sanitizer on this tray right about now.

If you’re likely to be heading back to the office in the coming months, we’re here to give your workspace the refresh it needs. Give US a call!