First things first, let’s chat and make sure our services are the right fit for you. At that point we’ll ideally schedule either a phone or in-person consultation, depending on the scope of work and the timing of your project. During the one-hour consultation, we’ll discuss all your pain points, needs, wants, hopes, and dreams.


Following the consultation, we’ll send a detailed email with next steps to get your space and life in order. This will help you understand the overall scope of your organizing needs, including an estimate and action plan.


Now it’s time to get down and dirty. This is when the real organizing begins. We'll declutter, deconstruct, measure, shop, and implement solutions that give you the perfect mix of style and systems, form and function. Much of this phase can be completed with or without a client present.


As the final step, we want you and everyone in your home to understand the simple systems we’ve put in place. Once that’s all done, only two things remain: relax and enjoy.


We’re available for projects in Palm Beach, New York City and beyond. Travel is second nature for us so working with you is always an option. Hotel, airfare and rental car expenses may apply.

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We're full service: from closets to drawers, homes to offices. We don’t want you to lift a finger. Our strategic approach to simplification depends on the varying degrees of your life's complexity.
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Gift Certificates

We make the perfect gift for a house warming, baby shower, Mother’s Day, birthday, and more. Gift certificates are available in any amount, but a four-hour session is a good starting place.