Case Study

A beautiful and functional office space for a stylish marketing executive.

Jesse’s promotion to marketing executive at a Fortune 500 company was a dream come true. It quickly became a nightmare when she realized she didn’t have organizational systems in place to manage her new workload. To make matters worse, she was now spending her workday in a corner office with downright depressing décor.

We first needed to control the massive paper trail Jesse’s new role created. She was in meetings all day and with each meeting comes another paper report. We helped Jesse set guidelines for which papers to toss. We organized a binder for her to save and quickly switch out critical reports on a weekly basis. The binder goes with her to every meeting so she has the information she needs at her fingertips.

Jesse’s To Do list was out of control. Within a month on the new job, things were falling through the cracks and deadlines were overlooked. We dug into Jesse’s responsibilities to understand her role. We created a place for her to manage her To Do list using an online app. In doing so, we delegated a handful of responsibilities to her staff. We also created weekly and monthly checklists to allow her to track her department’s progress seamlessly.

Finally, we designed an office space where she loves to work. In addition to organizing desk drawers, we upgraded her to glam gold office supplies. We designed a beautiful gallery wall of art that conveys her personal style. We added a rug and pillows to her seating area to add softness and bring the space’s color palette together.

Jesse is now excelling in her new role plus, she loves spending her workdays in a stylish office space.