Olivia and her family were counting the days until the move into their new home. However, the prospect of managing the move process was totally overwhelming. Olivia knew they would be living out of boxes for months, maybe years, if they didn’t call a professional.

The family’s possessions filled their current home to capacity. In two sessions, we decluttered and donated old items that didn’t need to be moved to the new home.

Understandably, Olivia wanted to leave managing the moving company to an expert. We recommended trusted moving companies and evaluated bids to ensure Olivia was getting a fair price for her costly move.

On moving day, we oversaw the moving team throughout the packing and unpacking process to ensure the move went as smoothly as possible and nothing was damaged or lost along the way. Olivia was able to keep her regular schedule of getting the kids to school and attending meetings as planned. Her husband loved that he didn’t have to lift a finger.

Once the movers left, we went about customizing organizing solutions for every area in the home according to Olivia’s priority list. Within a week after the move, every box was gone and everything they owned had a home. Drawers, cabinets and closets were labeled and beautifully organized.

Olivia and her family agreed: the new home was just as special as they always dreamed it would be.