Every time Sarah walked into her nine-year-old daughter Lexi’s room, she wanted to scream. Lexi loves to draw and paint, but her room had started to look more like a downtown art studio rather than a child’s bedroom.

When we first visited Lexi’s room, her art supplies were all over the place. Some were shoved in a bookshelf that had been placed in the closet to create more storage space, while others were just crammed into any open space in the room. Every time Lexi wanted to work on an art project, she’d have to sort through all the different piles of supplies, which only made a bigger mess.

Our first step was sorting and grouping all of the art supplies. We then put the sorted supplies in labeled containers, which were organized according to how often Lexi used them.

Organizing the art supplies freed up a lot of space in the closet. We were able to install a new rod, so Lexi has better access to all of her clothes.

Sarah likes to keep Lexi’s artwork and other keepsakes, including awards and photographs. First, we sorted large keepsakes in boxes organized by year. Then, for photos and smaller pictures, we created custom albums for each year. Updating Lexi’s keepsake album collection is now a special project Sarah and Lexi can enjoy together.

Cleaning up Lexi’s organized room now only takes a few minutes each day. She not only has more room to draw and paint but space to save all her artwork.