Life is often complicated and sometimes messy. As organizers, we bring clarity to the things that get in your way and create opportunities for joy otherwise obscured by the ephemera that clutters drawers, desks, and dreams.

How It Works

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    Hello there! It all starts with a call. One that will radically impact the rest of your life. The call is meant to expose your pain points, hopes and dreams for organization.
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    You know what they say: prep, prep, paint. That's the idea here. We create a detailed plan for achieving an unrivaled level of simplicity in all identified areas of your life.
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    Ready, set, go! We'll put the plan into action and start the organizing process, beginning with editing all the parts of your life.
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    We'll create a maintenance plan to help you manage both your space and your time. Then, you can sit back and enjoy the benefits of an unencumbered life.

Case Studies

A beautiful and functional office space for a stylish marketing executive.

Jesse’s promotion to marketing executive at a Fortune 500 company was a dream come true. It quickly became a nightmare when she realized she didn’t have organizational systems in place to manage her new workload. To make matters worse, she was now spending her workday in a corner office with downright depressing décor.

Our Work

Korinne saved our lives! As a working mom with a growing family, I did not have the time or frankly the skills to get our lives in order. She took the job in hand with grace and humor, helping me declutter and creating simple, logical and elegant storage solutions. That was four years, two children and one apartment move ago. I consider her a friend and an essential part of my life. My neighbors and friends gawk at her work. Everything has a place and when the kids ransack the place, clean-up is a breeze.
Laura, NYC
As a business owner that takes on everything I was going absolutely crazy balancing my personal life and busy work schedule. I felt overwhelmed. After meeting Korinne, we set a work schedule that’s made me more productive than I could ever have imagined. I now have boundaries, free time and peace of mind. She’s a wonderful listener with great advice.
Missy, NYC
Organizing someone else’s personal space means you have to be a great listener. Korinne not only hears what you’re saying but she understands what you’re not saying. Since working with Korinne I’ve trimmed at least 15 minutes off my morning routine, priceless time on a busy day. Organizing isn’t just a job to Korinne, it’s a way of life. She’s understanding, professional, on-time and offers creative solutions to any organizing dilemma. Thank you for the gift of time!
Kara, Dallas
Korinne is a miracle worker. My boyfriend moved in with me after I'd been living in my apartment for 10 years, so making room for him was, let's just say, a challenge. Korinne came in with a game plan for how to better use my closets. She made the editing process bearable, which honestly is the hardest thing to do oneself, and what I needed most. After one four-hour session we cleared an entire closet for the boy and packed several bags for donation. As for the boyfriend... he was super impressed with how 'at home' he felt after we made so much space for him, and we've been living together in harmony and organized chaos ever since!
Liz, NYC
Before Korinne came to my shop, my stress levels were off the charts. When she left, I was in a state of zen. She is super easy to work with, realistic on project timing and brilliant in her suggestions for creating procedures that can easily be maintained. After all, what good is a clean desk if it's going to be messy again in two seconds?
Amy, NYC
What I love about Korinne's service is that she doesn't apply HER system to you. She gets to know you and develops YOUR system. Korinne begins to think like you (scary in a good way) so your house is organized in a way that makes sense to you. A true lifesaver!
Hilary, Los Angeles
Korinne’s ability to truly understand all my varied interests and with incisiveness and quick work, put everything in order in a way that works. Just this morning I was putting gold leaf on a cake ornament. Thanks to Korinne, I had the brush, the paint, and fondant right there. My music stand is in order. My complex artistic work has been made simpler. My creativity has been elevated and through that my productivity has soared. I am truly grateful. Korinne did what I could not do alone. It is not an understatement that I now live in a place of peace and productivity because of her.
Susan, NYC
Korinne has a unique capability of not only assessing my needs, but of implementing systems that will work for me and my family based on how we live our lives. Korinne is thorough without being overwhelming or overbearing, is thoughtful, and is quick to create solutions. She leaves no stone unturned in implementation and execution. Most of all, Korinne has a terrific personality and is a true pleasure to work with.
Kim, Boston
Korinne helped me tackle projects that I'd always avoided because they felt overwhelming. The best part about working with Korinne is her insistence on coming up with storage and organization solutions that reflect my already existing habits, rather than imposing a style of organization that requires me to learn new habits. My apartment feels so much more open and relaxing, and it's easier for me to maintain than I ever would have dreamed!
Jame, Seattle
Korinne is a sanity saver. She has an incredible talent for seeing what truly needs to be done, not just what you think needs to be tackled. Yes our “stuff” is more edited and organized, but more importantly, she has created systems that make it logical and easy for everyone in my family to maintain. She has helped me not only in my home but also with my business processes and organization so I can spend more time doing the things I love!
Jennaea, Minneapolis

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